What is this blog about?

‘Please Know’ is a blog dedicated to LGBT cultre, including poetry, prose, theatre, music, and art. It’s name comes from a letter, written by Larry Kramer, that was handed out to auidence members leaving The Normal Heart on Broadway.

This blog began when I realised I was underinformed on LGBT hisotry and culture. Not only that, but I felt as though I’d been ignorant to the experience of others (Female, Black, Asian, Latino, Trans etc.) by acknowledging our experiences are different but never really engaging with experiences other than my own (or those like mine). So, I decided to seek out everything I could to do with queer culture but, primarily, I’m going to focus on fiction, memoir, non-fiction writing (including journalism), poetry, music, film, and television. I’m also interested in looking that those, who might not be queer themselves, but have influenced the community in some way (gay icons etc.).

Who is it by?

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Jon Paul Roberts is a filmmaker and writer from the North of England. He completed his undergraduate degree at LJMU and his Masters at Goldsmiths University, London. He worked as an editor for a Liverpudlian literary magazine In The Red until 2015, as well as contributing to various sites and local publications within Liverpool. He writes and stars in the web series ‘Singledom’ which premieres online in Summer of 2018. In 2017, he won the inaugural Spread the Word Life Writing Prize & is currently working on his memoir-in-essays; Blue Roses.